Stories for Schools is a British Council Turkey project to provide students with high-quality English language short stories.

A Beast is a short story written by Guy Bass, an award winning UK writer, author and illustrator of books for children.

Set in Istanbul, the story tells about a boy who meets something very surprising when he goes fishing in the Bosphorus. The story also contains a warning of the importance of getting on well with your brothers and sisters!

Level: A2-B1  

Age: 14-17 (but activities included which may appeal to younger learners) 

This ‘kit’ was designed by Turkish materials writers. 

The kit below includes activities for you to print and copy, the complete text, and teachers' notes. The kit needs to be used selectively as each contains activities likely to appeal to different age groups.


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There must be a final page missing from the story. I can't imagine that it ends like that. Please check, otherwise the lesson is a strange one at best.

Hi Aisha
I'll check with the writers and update the story.

Dear Aisha

I've just heard back from the writing team and they confirmed that the story on the site is correct, so it's quite a sudden ending.



Thank you for a wonderful story. This couldn´t possibly be right and needs to be corrected:

He didn't wanted to
be like everyone else.

All the best!

Hello Maria

Thanks for your comment - you are right - it appears there is an error in that sentence - thanks for pointing it out. We will get it corrected as soon as possible!

Best wishes,
TE Team

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