Sports in (climate) crisis

Use this lesson with secondary students to look at links between sport and the climate crisis.

A woman riding a bicycle past a wall of plants

The Climate Action in Language Education series

This lesson is part of our series of 'Climate Action in Language Education' teaching materials. There are twelve lesson plans in the series, available for teachers of primary, secondary and adult learners of English. See the full list of lesson plans in this series.

About this lesson plan

In this lesson, learners will learn about the impact of major sports events on the living planet and the impact of global heating on sports, and explore possible solutions and compromises that the world of sport might need to take to lessen its impact. It would be a suitable lesson to supplement a unit in the coursebook on sport, or at the time of a major sports event.

The lesson plan and student materials have been designed to be used in either face-to-face classrooms or remote teaching contexts.


  • To be able to effectively explain the environmental impact of major sports events
  • To develop awareness of and talk about environmental impacts and action we can take, e.g. have an impact on, play a role, raise awareness, etc.
  • To use a ‘problem tree’ to better understand possible causes of and solutions to the environmental impact of sports events
  • To discuss the causes and consequences behind these issues as well as possible solutions

Age and level:

Upper secondary learners at advanced level (CEFR C1)


90 minutes approximately or two shorter lessons


The materials can be downloaded below in PDF format.

  • Lesson plan for remote teaching contexts
  • Lesson plan for face-to-face classroom teaching
  • Remote teaching class presentation
  • Student worksheets

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