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Speed job interviews

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This lesson is suitable for pre-intermediate students and above.

Jeff Fowler and Jo Adkin

It provides practice of vocabulary related to jobs and question forms. Students create job adverts and then do speed interviews to try and find a job/employee.


You will need the following:

  • A variety of job adverts (taken from magazines, internet etc) including one or two unusual jobs
  • A3 paper and felt tip pens/crayons


  • Draw a picture of an interview situation and elicit what is happening (i.e. job interview). Ask students questions such as ‘Do you enjoy job interviews? When was your last interview?' etc. Tell the students in today's lesson they will do job interviews.
  • Hand out the job adverts. Students decide which is the best / worst / most unusual job. Set time limit of 2 - 5 minutes.
  • Try to elicit some other unusual jobs.
  • Focus students on one advert and elicit what information is included in a job advert e.g. job title, experience, qualifications, pay etc. Write them on the board.
  • Get the students to work in pairs and choose an unusual job and design a job advert on the A3 paper. Set a time limit of 10 minutes.
  • Elicit some example interview questions e.g. What experience have you got? What are your strengths? etc.
  • Students write 10 interview questions for their job advert.
  • Put the adverts around the room. Students use the reading worksheet and quickly look at the adverts and answer the questions.
  • Feedback answers open class.
  • Line up the students in two lines sitting opposite the partners they wrote the questions and advert with. One line is the interviewers and one the interviewees. Interviewees are NOT interviewed by their partner. Rotate interviewees around one place.
  • Get the students to carry out speed interviews using questions they prepared earlier. Students have a time limit of 3 minutes for each interview. Interviewer takes brief notes. After each interview rotate interviewee around one space until they arrive back at their partner.
  • Swap roles. Interviewees now become interviewers and vice versa. Carry out the same procedure as before.
  • The students who worked together to design the job advert then regroup and together decide who is the best candidate for the job
  • Feedback with everybody saying who they chose for their job and why.
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Pre-intermediate: A2