I like using songs in the classroom as I know the students enjoy it a lot! This activity is really good and involves group work and the four main language skills. The students respond to music and write a story.



  • First, choose different types of songs (rock, pop, country music, etc).
  • Divide the class in groups (of 4, for example) and give each group a blank piece of paper.
  • Ask them to make a cross on it dividing the paper into four equal parts. Tell them to number the parts from 1 to 4 (in this case).
  • Explain that each student in the group will use one part of the paper.
  • Play the CD/tape with the first song and ask student number 1 to draw something on it according either to what he/she feels or something related to the lyrics.
  • Change the song and follow the same procedure with the others.
  • After they finish drawing, say that they are supposed to make up a story following the sequence of their drawings. Give them time to prepare it then ask everybody to present their story to the class. Explain that each student is going to tell his/her part of the story.

This activity can be used at all levels. The skills used are writing, speaking and reading. The grammar aim can be the present tense, present continuous or simple past. Try it! It will be great!

Language level
Language Level: 
Pre-intermediate: A2

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