Focusing on speaking, vocabulary and writing, this lesson aims to raise awareness of the many reasons not to smoke tobacco.


This lesson begins by focusing on some anti-smoking posters with students discussing the message and effectiveness of each one. They then learn some vocabulary to talk about four key reasons not to smoke: (health, cost, the impact on your attractiveness, and the impact on others). Students then choose one of these reasons and write a paragraph about it, using the vocabulary as appropriate.

As an optional final activity, the students design their own anti- smoking poster and present it to another pair or to the class.

This lesson can be used to raise awareness of the World Health Organisation's 'No Tobacco Day', which takes place each year on 31 May.


  • Raise awareness of the many reasons not to smoke, or to give up smoking.
  • Extend students’ vocabulary to talk about health risks and other issues connected with smoking. E.g. bad breath, anxiety, blood pressure.
  • Develop students’ writing skills through writing a paragraph (using vocabulary) about one negative aspect of smoking.
  • Encourage peer feedback and correction on writing.
  • As an optional final task, develop students’ oral fluency as well as their ability to work together to design a poster and present it to their peers.

Age group:

Teenagers and adults


CEF level A2 and above


45 minutes (60 minutes with poster activity).


  • Before your lesson, you will need to find 4 images from anti-smoking campaigns. The teacher's notes provide suggested images with a creative commons licence.
  • Student worksheet
  • Poster paper and suitable pens to make a poster if available
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