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Is slavery a thing of the past?

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This lesson helps to encourage awareness of slavery, historical and modern day. 

Designed to raise awareness of the UN's World Day against Trafficking in Persons, this lesson begins by asking students to consider what they know about the issue, then takes them through a process of learning more before concluding by asking them about what they have learnt, and how their understanding might have changed. 

The lesson involves plenty of speaking, a vocabulary focus, which pre-teaches topic related vocabulary later found in the text, a jigsaw reading and a focus on passives.


  • To raise awareness of the issue of modern day slavery
  • To develop vocabulary, looking at a range of topic related nouns and verbs. E.g. trade, product, campaign
  • To develop reading and speaking skills through a jigsaw reading activity, and other speaking tasks.
  • To provide an introduction to, or a review of, simple past and simple present passive forms.


Older teenagers and adults


Council of Europe Framework level B1 and above


55 - 70 minutes


The lesson plan and student worksheets can be downloaded below in PDF format

Language level
Language Level: 
Intermediate: B1