Theme: Slang, youth culture, informal language, multicultural society
Lexical area: language, song lyrics, young people

This lesson offers a variety of activities based on informal language and modern British slang. Students are asked to guess the correct definition of slang and are introduced to the topic. They then look at the use of slang in song lyrics and practise a ‘translation’ activity into more standard English. There is a text about modern British slang, and a writing activity where students complete a dialogue using slang, which could be extended with higher level students. Finally students will take part in a discussion activity, giving their opinions about the use of slang and informal language.


• To learn some British slang terms
• To practise reading skills
• To practise writing skills
• To discuss register in language

Age group: 12- adult

Level: B1 / B2

Time: 60 – 90 minutes

Materials: Slang student worksheet and lesson plan

By: Sally Trowbridge


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