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Sinead Laffan - Five, ten, fifteen minutes? Exactly how long does 'development' take?

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Sinead Laffan shares some simple development activities which teachers can undertake in their own practice.

About the webinar

Time; there's never enough. And finding some for your own development can seem impossible. However, short and simple activities can be incredibly revealing and extremely rewarding.

This session looks at a number of practical tasks, hears from teachers who have tried them out, while focusing on the power and importance of having a listener to support you in your developmental path.

The tasks discussed are simple and ones that any teacher could undertake, with little "time investment". It is aimed at teachers of all experience levels, demonstrated by the case studies of teachers (from different contexts and with differing levels of experience).

The rationale for this talk is to give participants a "window" into the professional lives of other teachers and the challenges that we face, to share some simple development activities which they can undertake in their own practice, to demonstrate how they work, to explore what potential, tangible outcomes they have had for other teachers, as well as to encourage participants to share with each other their own experiences.

About the speaker

Sinéad Laffan is a freelance teacher trainer, based in Budapest. She specialise in performance development for English Language teachers, helping language schools retain staff and students by creating and delivering tailored teacher development programs, as well as working within assessed programmes such as the Trinity Certificate and Diploma in TESOL. Her process focuses on helping each teacher find their own best selves as practitioners and professionals. 

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