Simon Borg - Teacher evaluation in ELT

In this webinar Simon Borg discusses the importance of teacher evaluation and ways of designing teacher evaluation systems that support teacher development.

About the webinar

The key points covered are the purposes of teacher evaluation, teacher evaluation criteria and different ways of collecting evidence about what teachers can do.

The British Council has published a report entitled ‘Teacher evaluation: Global perspectives and their implications for English language teaching’. In this webinar, Simon Borg discusses some of the key messages about effective teacher evaluation that are identified in this report, including:

  • why teacher evaluation is important
  • the different purposes it can serve
  • what the focus of teacher evaluation should be
  • how to collect evidence about what teachers can do.

Effective teacher evaluation is presented here as a contextually-appropriate, multi-dimensional process that draws on several sources of robust evidence and which generates results that are used to support the professional development of teachers.

About the speaker

Simon Borg has been involved in English language teaching for 30 years, working in a range of contexts around the world. He is recognised internationally for his work on teacher cognition, professional development and teacher research. He works as an ELT consultant, with a particular focus on designing, facilitating and evaluating language teacher professional development programmes. Full details of his work are available at

Download the publication ‘Teacher evaluation: Global perspectives and their implications for English language teaching’

Watch a recording of the webinar below



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