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Shopping and Sales tricks

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Shopping is a popular activity, both on a daily basis and before big events like Christmas and New Year.

Kate Cory-Wright

Nowadays, stores use numerous tricks to make shoppers spend more money. By raising awareness of some common marketing tricks, students can be more careful when they go shopping.

In this lesson, students take part in a discussion which tests their awareness of what happens in their favourite stores. They read a blog about common tricks used by retailers, which is both interesting and enlightening. Next, students plan their own stores in groups, applying the new language and information they’ve learned.

Finally, they present their ideas to the class, using posters to help them explain their ideas.


  • Raise awareness of common techniques that stores use to make you spend more
  • Increase vocabulary to describe stores
  • Develop skills in reading and speaking
  • Practise cause–effect language (e.g. so that, in order to, it makes us go/say/etc.)
  • Encourage critical thinking, creative skills and collaboration

Age group:

Adults and teenagers 


CEFR Level B2 and above

Time: 60 minutes +


The lesson plan and student worksheet are available to download in PDF format below


Language level
Language Level: 
Upper intermediate: B2