Seeing Black: How to build anti-racism into teaching English publications

Watch a recording of this webinar with Amanda Hawthorne looking at race in teaching English materials.

About the webinar

In recent years, much has been done to increase diversity in publications.

However, research shows that the use of what are considered diverse images, can still perpetuate oppressive narratives. Whilst race as a social concept has existed for centuries, little is said of race in the arena of teaching English as a foreign language. Therefore, this webinar centres race and the representation of Black people in particular. Amanda will highlight current research on the many racialized stereotypes still used in publications. Finally, she will give practical tips on making your materials anti-racist, what to look out for and how to keep up-to-date.

Recorded on 5 May 2022

Watch a recording of the webinar below

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About the speaker

Amanda Jane Hawthorne is a teacher, trainer and materials writer, with over ten years' experience in the area of diversity, specialising in race and LGBT+ awareness. In 2020 she completed her master’s degree in Education and Social Justice at Lancaster University, where she was given a distinction. Amanda was then nominated by Lancaster University to represent them in the prestigious Master’s Dissertation Awards, which promotes the achievements of research with the best potential for impact on ELT. She was awarded a commendation. Most recently she has contributed to the book How to Write Inclusive Materials, published by ELT Teacher 2 Writer.

Download Amanda's Master's dissertation 'Black in the British: Analysing the visual representation of Black people in British Council Teaching Materials'. 




Submitted by skeka05 on Fri, 05/06/2022 - 00:58


Thanks for this very informative webinars. we really gained new strategies to approach every learners in a diverse race.

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