In this lesson, learners prepare a journalist role play for a news report interview using role cards to support the language, structure and content. They then observe each other’s groups and use the peer assessment table to give feedback.

Topic: Making a News Report


  • To practise oral and aural skills linked to science
  • To develop learners’ confidence in speaking
  • To produce the target science lexis
  • To develop creative thinking
  • To develop learning autonomy through peer assessment
  • To develop learner’s ability to collaborate

Age: 15yrs - 17yrs old

Level: B1.2 – B2 Intermediate

Time: 90mins approximately

Materials and preparation:

  1. Worksheets Electricity and lightning: making a news report. You need one copy per learner.
  2. Role cards. You need one set for each group of five learners.
  3. Peer assessment table. You need one copy per learner.
  4. Electricity and lightning filmed workshop: making a news report.

You can view and download all the material below.



Wonderful lesson plan, is there a way to DL the video? We don't always have good wifi in school!


Thanks for the feedback on the lesson plan! Unfortunately our videos are not available for download, only for streaming in class. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best wishes,
TE Team

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