In this lesson, learners are introduced to the science subject area of electricity and different types of lightning via a multi-media, communicative approach.

Topic: What is lightning and how is it generated in storm clouds?


  • To develop learners’ understanding of lightning and storm clouds.
  • To develop and activate new lexis related to electricity, lightning and science.
  • To develop recognition of stress pattern in noun-noun collocations
  • To develop understanding of words for cause and effect: causes /makes /allows.

Age: 15yrs - 17yrs old

Level: B1.2 – B2 Intermediate

Time: 90mins approximately

Materials and preparation:

  1. Worksheets Electricity and lightning: what is lightning? You need one copy for each learner.
  2. Storm cloud information exchange cards. You need copy of one card for each learner in groups of four.
  3. Electricity and lightning filmed workshop: what is lightning?

You can view and download all the material below



Hi, does anyone know if it's possible to download this video somehow? Some of the classrooms I teach in don't have the internet so I need to download the video to my USB.

Hi Calum

We don't allow downloading of our videos I'm afraid. Sorry about that.

Best wishes


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