In this lesson, learners start by discussing the painting of ‘The Fall of Icarus’ and two proverbs on flying. They are introduced to aircraft material vocabulary and compare a glider to an Airbus using their knowledge of the comparative form. They discuss what would happen if the respective aircraft were struck by lightning. They carry out an interactive activity describing images of aircraft being struck by lightning using prepositional phrases. Learners finish with a ‘true/false’ exercise to check their understanding of the lesson.

Science in Schools

Topic: Aircraft design and different construction materials.


  • To develop learners’ vocabulary on the topic of aircraft metals and material.
  • To develop learners’ ability to describe and compare objects.
  • To develop learners’ vocabulary range of prepositions of place and prepositional phrases.
  • To develop learners’ ability to interact when hypothesising.

Age: 15yrs - 17yrs old

Level: B1.2 – B2 Intermediate

Time: 90mins approximately


  1. Worksheets Electricity and lightning: aircraft design. You need one copy for each learner.
  2. Describe the pictures cards. You need one copy for each learner.
  3. Electricity and lightning filmed workshop: aircraft design.

You can view and download all the material below.


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