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The school that tried to end racism

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Use this lesson to explore race equality and unconscious bias with your secondary and adult learners at CEFR B2 and above.


This lesson plan is based around a UK documentary called “The school that tried to end racism”. The documentary focuses on a project in a school in London in which 12- and 13-year-old students were tested for unconscious race bias, and then took part in a series of activities designed to tackle racism. In this lesson, students will watch a short clip from the documentary, read a text about the project, and focus on collocations. Learners will reflect on the key concepts that the project addresses.  Finally, students have the opportunity to reflect on how people reacted to the documentary and why and reflect on their own opinions.


  • To raise awareness of unconscious bias
  • To practice listening skills
  • To practice reading skills
  • To focus on collocations
  • To practice giving opinions in a discussion

Age and level

Secondary and adult learners at CEFR level B2 and above


60-90 minutes


The lesson plan and student worksheets can be downloaded below in PDF format. In addition, you/your students will need access to YouTube during the lesson.