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Robin Foggo - Walking the talk

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In this talk, Robin Foggo looks at 'taking responsibility for professional development' from the British Council CPD Framework for Teachers.

In this session, we explore the practical application of some of the key strands included in "taking responsibility for professional development" from the British Council CPD Framework for Teachers. The context is an English language preparatory program (ELPP) within a newly-established university in Turkey. MEF University is the first and only university world-wide to have adopted a flipped learning approach across all disciplines. The one-year program prepares students to study in an English medium instruction university (EMI) within their respective faculties. We will examine how some of the key strands can be integrated within a CPD scheme, giving concrete examples from our experience. We illustrate ways in which our appraisal procedures are embedded within our professional development programme, and the ways in which instructors gain competency and proficiency in the strands.

About the speaker: 

Robin Foggo is the CPD coordinator at MEF University. Before joining MEF he spent his time teaching adults, young learners and teens. He has been a CELTA trainer for ten years, and has had the opportunity to be involved in many other forms of teacher training. His extensive classroom experience over the past seventeen years has taught him a variety of lessons.

Watch Robin's talk below