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Revision chocolate bars

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This revision game is a version of the popular game Battleships. In this version, instead of blowing up battleships, teams have to find hidden 'chocolate bars'. 

Nicola Crowley


  • Prepare questions for revision. Questions can be asked orally or written on the board. See example 1 below.
  • Draw a grid on the board. See example 2 below.
  • Draw another grid on a piece of paper to act as your answer key. Add four 'chocolate bars' horizontally or vertically. See example 3 below.
  • Optional reward: real chocolate bar(s) for the winning team.


  • Put the students into teams of three or four. Either get each team to think of a name for their team or give them a name, e.g. Team A, Team B, etc.
  • Draw a chart with the team names on the board next to the grid.
  • Tell the students that you have hidden four 'chocolate bars' in the grid and they have to guess where they are. Tell them that the bars are of different sizes and they are hidden either horizontally or vertically.
  • Explain that each team will get a turn to answer a question and if they get it correct they will have a turn at guessing where the chocolate bars are. Students guess by calling out a grid reference, e.g. A1, B3, etc.
  • The teacher can reply by saying You've got a square! or Better luck next time!
  • Teams get a point for every square of chocolate they find, and the team with the most points at the end is the winner.
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Pre-intermediate: A2