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Researching English Bilingual Education

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English Bilingual Education is rapidly changing in variety of social and educational contexts. 

The three reports published in this volume were commissioned within the research strand of the British Council Access English project. They were prepared by Dr. Stephen Bax, following visits to Thailand, Indonesia and Korea in November and December 2009, during which the status of English Bilingual Education (EBE) in each country was investigated through a variety of data sources, including documentary data, school and classroom observations, and interviews with a range of stakeholders from the Ministry, schools and elsewhere.
The outcome is an overview of the current situation and a set of recommendations aimed at assisting the British Council and the Ministries of Education in each country in their efforts towards the further development and improvement of EBE initiatives in the region in the coming years.

The reports are part of an ongoing effort to understand rapidly changing situations in a variety of educational and social contexts. It is hoped that they make a small contribution to understanding these contexts better, but it is recognised from the outset that they cannot be fully comprehensive or complete, and will be greatly enhanced by future study and discussion of the issues.

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