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Reality TV

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This lesson plan uses the article Reality TV from the UK Now section of the LearnEnglish Teens website as a springboard for producing a piece of drama. Drama is a great way to motivate students in the EFL classroom, but it is important to 'prime' the class for it. The activity is based on three essential pieces of advice.

  1. Prepare students' language for drama. Do they have the necessary language for the task?
  2. Prepare students' minds for drama. Do you have a way to get students into the mindset of acting in front of the class?
  3. Prepare students’ bodies for drama. Do you have a short activity, such as miming, where students 'act' in front of their partners to prepare for delivering the final piece?

This lesson plan goes through all these stages to get the class ready to deliver their dialogues with confidence in the final stage.

Topic: Reality TV

Level: B1+


  • Students learn and consolidate vocabulary items for emotions.
  • Write and deliver a dialogue between two characters likely to be in one of the reality TV shows.
  • Read about eight reality TV shows from the UK from the LearnEnglish Teens website and complete the self-access comprehension and grammar questions.

Plan components

Lesson plan: download

Worksheets: download

The plan and worksheets are downloadable and in pdf format - right click on the attachment and save it on your computer.

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