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Realia in the bag

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This is vocabulary activity that can be used easily with students of different ages.

Laxman Gnawali

Every time I use it, I see that all types of students have similar fun in learning new words when the learning involves some suspense. Adults are usually surprised that they do not know the names of the objects they always use or see.

Find a cloth bag. It should be as big as a school bag and made from normal cloth, not hardened. Collect at least 20 different objects. They can be anything that you can find around you: chalk, duster, stapler, box of staples, match box, ruler, keys, small bottle, shoe brush, tooth brush, paperweight, magnet, board marker, potato, onion, spoon, fork, lime, paper clips, perfume bottle, kettle lid, wooden block, bottle opener, can opener, corkscrew, tin opener, ladle, etc. You can choose items that you want to teach about. Put all of them in the bag and button it up.


  • Tell your students that they are going to find out what objects there are in the bag without looking. They will feel the items from outside and name them. When they feel and decide what the item is, they have to say:
    It's thin and long, so it must be a ruler. OR It's thin and long, so it is a ruler. OR I have found a ruler.
    It's heavy and it's round, so it must be a paperweight. OR It's heavy; it's round, so it is a paperweight. OR I have found a paperweight.
  • Get one student to name three to five items only so that many students get a chance. As they name the objects, list the names on the board.
  • When most items have been named, display all items one by one and get the class to name them aloud and spell the words. If the students have named any items wrongly, correct the list on the board.
  • Depending upon the level of students, you can either ask them to make sentences using the words, to copy them in their exercise books or to draw some items.

This is not my original idea but I have lost track of the source of this activity. Please try it and share your experience.

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