Ready to Run: Authentic ELT video for language schools and teachers

Watch a recording of our webinar with ELTons award winners Digital Learning Associates and their website Ready to Run. Elena and Amir talk about the website and how authentic video can be used in the ELT classroom.

About the webinar

Our series of webinars with the 2019 ELTons winners started with the winners of the Innovation in Learner Resources category ‘Ready to Run: Authentic ELT video for language schools and teachers from Digital Learning Associates Ltd.’

The creators of Ready to Run share their thinking and pedagogy and give you strategies and practical tips on using authentic video in the classroom. DLA’s Ready to Run videos look to change the way English is taught by ensuring that teachers can use videos based on real stories, with real people, using real English, designed to engage Gen Z students while delivering effective learning, rather than stilted and artificial “ELT videos”. 

You can sign up for an exclusive free trial of Ready to Run until 31 October 2019. Go to using the voucher code WEBINAR   

Watch a recording of the webinar below

About the speakers

Elena Deleyto is one of Digital Learning Associates’s core team of senior experts, having joined the company right at its start. Working across all the company’s ELT output, she designs the strategies for delivering English through media and technology for each DLA project and client. Drawing on experience as a publisher, as an ELT tutor in settings including corporate Business English classes, and as a staff teacher in Kids&Us (a leading chain of innovative ELT courses) Elena brings deep insights to language teachers’ and learners’ needs. Elena is a visible thought-leader and speaker in the ELT community, taking global platforms to share expertise on delivering English at scale and with authentic approaches.  

Amir Garmroudi is one of the producers behind DLA’s Ready to Run series. He brings a unique professional combination: Amir is a qualified teacher with wide English teaching experience at leading schools who is also a media practitioner with wide experience of making content and telling visual stories in a diverse range of settings. Amir draws knowledge and from his experience of English language learning and content creation in marginalised or migrant communities, from disenfranchised urban youth in El Salvador, to Congolese refugees in Uganda, and The Jungle in Calais.

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