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Quick revision games

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Divide the class in two teams. Give each team a set of slips with five (or three or two, depending on their level) things they have to name.

Marcelo Elias


  • Name five things that move
  • Name five drinks
  • Name five things you would be doing if you weren't here
  • Name five ways to get rich
  • Name five animals

A member of the team reads the category of things they have to name and the whole team shouts the words.

While team A is doing this, team B have to remain in silence. Then it's team B's turn.

Time each team. The faster team is the winner.

Category game

This activity can be used as a review. Students usually get very excited.

The teacher chooses a category (animals, colors, school objects, kitchen gadgets...) and each student has to say a word that belongs to that category.

If a student doesn't know, he / she stands up. Then, the teacher chooses another category the following student starts again. In the following round, the student who's standing will have another chance. If he / she can say a word that belongs to the new category, he / she can sit down.

It's a great game for revision and to get students tuned into the lesson topic. It may also be used to elicit from the student what they already know about a certain topic.

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