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Pros and cons of lockdown

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This lesson has been developed for use in face-to-face classrooms where physical distancing rules are in place, but can be used in any face-to-face teaching context. 


Many young people have felt angry, depressed and frustrated during the Covid-19 pandemic, especially when schools were closed and they weren’t able to do ‘normal’ activities. In this lesson, students listen to what others felt in an animated video. Next, they explore and share their own emotions. Finally, they consider what was positive (as well as negative) about the pandemic and create a new voice-over for the video.


Students will:

  • communicate their feelings about different aspects of the pandemic
  • develop listening skills by watching a short animated video
  • expand vocabulary to express emotions
  • learn to describe positive and negative aspects of an issue

Age and level

Secondary students at CEFR level B1 and above


45-55 minutes


  • Student worksheet
  • Link to video:
  • Video equipment (this depends on how you intend to show the video)

Important - please read

This lesson has been created for teachers working in face-to-face classrooms where Covid-19 restrictions are in place. There is guidance provided at the start of the lesson plan, designed to provide suggested ideas for managing pair work and group work in a physically distanced classroom environment. It is a general guide, and your situation may be different. You may need to adapt the lesson to the context you are working in. 

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