Pronunciation straddles two domains: it is part language - like grammar or vocabulary, and part skill - like speaking or listening.


Pronunciation is multi-faceted on account of its unique position on the boundary of language and skill, and the fact that it is both productive and receptive. This means that we must vary the way we teach it: the activities and techniques we choose will depend very much on which aspect of pronunciation we wish to focus on. In this webinar, Mark Hancock explains how we can approach pronunciation teaching from four angles with the mnemonic labels of muscle, mind, meaning and memory. He demonstrates example activities for each of these from the ELTons-award winning books PronPack 1-4.

Date: 13 December 2018

Watch a recording of the webinar

Read Mark's blogpost 'Pronunciation in the English language classroom is more than just 'listen and repeat'

About the speaker

Mark Hancock started teaching English in 1984. He's worked in Sudan, Turkey, Brazil, Spain and the UK. He has a degree in Teaching English from Aston University. He has published many pronunciation books, including Pronunciation Games (CUP 1995), English Pronunciation in Use Intermediate (CUP 2012) and ELTons award-winning Pronunciation Pack (Hancock McDonald 2017). Mark posts materials and articles at and


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Watch the short video below with Mark talking about his webinar on 13 December.


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