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Programme 4: Introducing vocabulary

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In this programme we continue the theme of programme 3 - how to teach our students new words.

We hear how teachers start with the basics. As well as the meaning of words, learners need to remember the sounds of words, the spelling and how and when to use them. We hear how important it is to teach and practise new words in short phrases, or chunks.

Some more advice you will hear from the programme includes:

  • Give students lots of exposure to the new words. This will help them to remember and use them appropriately.
  • Decorate your classroom with images and words.
  • Encourage more independence by asking advanced students to read about a topic and discuss the possible the meanings of unfamiliar words and expressions.
  • We must not let our students forget new words, so get them to keep a vocabulary book and plan ahead with activities to recycle the new vocabulary.

You will also here about ideas to illustrate meaning including using real objects, pictures, drawings, flash cards, gestures and actions, and songs. 

Download the teacher support worksheet below to help you think about ways of introducing and teaching vocabulary in your classes.