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Programme 3: A visit to a vocabulary class

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In this programme we visit a vocabulary lesson in Indonesia, where Eka uses a variety of activities to keep her young students fully involved. Sometimes they work as a whole class, sometimes in small groups and sometimes in pairs.  

You will hear Eka going through a variety of steps to introduce vocabulary related to the weather.

  • First she starts with pictures* to elicit words to describe weather conditions.  
  • Then she models and drills (with the students repeating) so they can pronounce the new words she is introducing.
  • Then, for reinforcement, her students listen and identify the new words. Eka has created a Bingo game, featured in programme 2, in which they cover up matching pictures on cards as she calls out words like ‘windy’, ‘snowy’ and ‘rainy’.
  • Then she gives everyone a card with a picture or a word and they play ‘find a partner’, asking each other ‘what’s the weather like?’ Now they each have a partner.
    At this point Eka introduces discussion and related reading in their textbooks.

Notice that by creating her own materials and activities she has made the class more interesting by not starting with the books.

They discuss what they like to do in different weather conditions and finally they do a very simple bit of personalised writing – and as we hear they are still having fun!

* If you don't have pictures, you can prompt students with drawings on the board. 

Download the teacher support worksheet below to help you think about ways of introducing and teaching vocabulary in your classes.