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Professional practice pathway: Using inclusive practices

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Download the resources guidance to help you develop your skills in the professional practice 'Using inclusive practices'.

Using inclusive practices is one of the 12 professional practices in the British Council's CPD framework for teachers. It involves recognising and valuing diversity among my learners, using pedagogical strategies that encourage inclusive education within a supportive learning environment, supporting learners in identifying, addressing and assessing realistic individual learning goals based on reasonable adjustment, being aware of beliefs and how they can impact on establishing and maintaining an inclusive learning environment, assessing individual learners in a variety of ways that allow them to demonstrate the progress they are making, treating learners equitably and with respect, developing positive attitudes towards diversity in learners, involving parents, learners and other relevant individuals in creating an inclusive learning environment and reflecting on how inclusive the learning environment is.

Have a look at the list of resources below to help you integrate inclusive practices into your teaching.