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Professional practice pathway: Integrating ICT

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Download the resources guidance to help you develop your skills in the professional practice 'Integrating ICT'.

Integrating ICT is one of the twelve professional practices in the British Council's CPD framework for teachers. It involves developing effective strategies for locating appropriate digital content, following guidelines for e-safety, evaluating the potential effectiveness and appropriacy of digital content, tools and platform for achieving desired learning outcomes, using technology in the production of teaching and learning materials, setting up activities that support learning by exploiting appropriate digital content, tools and platforms, developing effective strategies for resolving potential technical issues, promoting autonomous learning by exploiting digital content and technologies inside and outside of the formal learning environment, promoting collaborative and participatory learning by exploiting online communities, tools and platforms, and reflecting on the effectiveness of the integration of ICT into the teaching and learning process.

Take a look at our recommended resources below for improving your skills in integrating ICT into your teaching practice.