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Professional development needs of teacher educators at a Higher Teacher Training College in Cameroon

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This research investigates the professional development of teacher educators at a Teacher Training College in Cameroon.

In Cameroon, as in other contexts, many teacher educators are university professors with doctorate degrees but have no teacher training or teaching experience in primary/secondary schools (Tambo, 1995; Ndame, 2019; Wiysahnyuy, 2019). As Tambo explains, for lack of qualified teacher educators, the government recruits university graduates without professional training to teach in teacher training colleges, secondary and primary schools. The problem outlined in this report simply put is: they train the teachers, but who trains them? How do they upgrade their skills? What kind of continuing professional development (CPD) activities do teacher educators need to engage in?

This report was funded by the British Council's online community of practice for teacher educators.

The report is available in a pdf format below.