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Primary Success Stories: Getting primary students interested in learning English

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A primary school teacher shares her story of how she has generated interest in English with a large group of primary pupils.

In this video, Indumati from Bihar, India, talks about how she has managed to generate interest in learning English in a context where English is not a compulsory subject.

With only a blackboard and a class of 200 primary learners, Indumati explains how she takes a short simple text and exploits it in a fun, engaging and interactive way. Using only gestures and ‘slap the board’, Indumati has managed to engage and motivate a large group of learners who had no reason to learn English.

Reflection and discussion

One of the purposes of these resources is to help you with your own teacher development in related contexts. The questions in task 1 and task 2 are designed for you to think about and discuss with colleagues, either informally or as part of your formal professional development.

How can using gestures and facial expressions support understanding in the classroom? How do you use gestures in your classroom?

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