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Primary Innovations: a collection of papers, Hanoi, March 2007

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This is a collection from the Primary Innovations Regional Seminar in Hanoi, Vietnam, March 2007. 


Edited by Dr Philip Powell-Davies

This volume brings together papers and presentations from a three-day Primary Innovations Regional Seminar held in Hanoi, Vietnam, in March 2007. 

It covers a range of issues including: language policy and planning across both primary and secondary levels; teacher training systems; the implications of introducing systemic change; curriculum reform, and case studies. A summary report of the research undertaken in eight countries on primary ELT prior to the seminar concludes the volume.
The British Council developed the Primary Innovations project to support change in primary English language teaching in nine countries in East Asia: Indonesia; Japan; Korea; Malaysia; the Philippines; Singapore; Taiwan; Thailand, and Vietnam.
In March 2007, around 55 primary ELT specialists from ministries and other institutions gathered at a three-day Primary Innovations Regional Seminar in Hanoi, Vietnam.
The seminar was designed to give the invited specialists an opportunity to address issues related to the introduction of English at primary level and to share lessons learnt from case studies around the region. The diversity of the region brought a range of perspectives and issues to the seminar: from Singapore and the Philippines where there is a longer history of English language teaching; and Japan and Vietnam, for example, where English teaching at primary level is relatively new.
These papers provide insights into the issues and concerns in primary English language teaching in East Asia in a variety of contexts, and convey a sense of the enthusiasm and optimism across the region for primary English language teaching. The papers also underline the commitment and determination to ensure adequate provision so that children have a positive and successful language learning experience.
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