If you have the right facilities in your classroom, powerpoint can be a very useful addition to your teaching toolkit.

If you're interested in some of the techniques mentioned here, there's another video that explains how to create the 'word bank': 



Thanks a lot for this provision to increasing skill about PowerPoint. -Mahabubor Rahman

thank you so much for your ideas Rob. I was just wondering how I could use powerpoint in my classes. Now I can't wait to learn how to master it.

Thanks for the sharing information.It is very useful for all teachers to use it in teaching.80% teachers at my school are using it for their teaching everyday.I teach students to use Powerpoint to make their stories,to design any they wanted to narrate with words,pictures,as well as sound(music,self-recording)I teach them Word and FrontPage too.All students in my classes they must learn'Word,FrontPage,Powerpoint those microsoft office softwares well.When I had classes together with students.I encouraged them to use those softwares to illustrate what they wanted to design,to share their ideas,thinkings with others in their own creative ways.That's lots of fun:)

Thank you so much for this wonderful and useful information. It's for this kind of staff that I consider this site as my favourite.

Very useful intro to creating effective powerpoints. Once you're done with the powerpoint file you can upload it to https://hypersay.com and get (for free) a live session, complete with easy polling, note-taking and open questions. Try it out!


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