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Post Covid-19 resolutions

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This lesson plan is designed to be used in remote teaching contexts and looks at the theme of resolutions.


Many of us today have been forced to teach in a situation where our coursebooks have become less useful because of remote teaching. This lesson is based on a Dogme approach, a learner-centred way of teaching, encouraging dialogue between learners and teachers without relying on published materials and planned lessons, and focusing on emergent language. The main idea is English teachers should only use the resources that are brought to the classroom by their students. This Dogme-style lesson plan explores post Covid-19 resolutions in the online classroom to start the rest of the year on a positive note. 


  • To encourage learners to talk about their feelings during lockdown
  • To listen for gist to get an idea about the teacher’s post COVID-19 resolutions
  • To talk about post COVID-19 resolutions and brainstorm strategies for achieving the goals
  • To use emergent language for talking about resolutions

Age group and level:

Adults and teenagers at CEFR level B1 and above


50 - 60 minutes


The lesson plan can be downloaded in PDF format below