A portfolio is a collection of work prepared, maintained and developed by a learner. Portfolios can contain information about the learner and about their learning experiences, and examples of their work.

The Council of Europe uses Language Portfolios as part of its framework for the learning of European languages.

In the classroom
Aside from direct benefits for the learner, portfolios are a very useful tool for enabling parents to take an active role in their children's learning. They can read their child's portfolio and add their own comments and contributions.

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Hi I'm thinking about pros and cons of the Language Portfolio. I really like that pupils can see their development and choose tasks to improve. But what if pupils don't get motivated  and don' care whether they improve their skills or not?I heard a lot of positive things about Portfolio work, but many teachers in Germany seem to dislike this method. What do you think about this topic?Looking forward to an interesting discussion. 

This is the best thing to create your own portfolio. You can add everything what you want; advantages and disadvantages of your student' and your development and improvement but it needs more time to do. Some teachers don't like waste time for such things. In my opinion every teacher must be organised because they are the examples of their students. It motivates children and you are never confused what yo do and what not to do, so I think it's brilliant

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