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Playing Pride and Prejudice

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Jane Austen’s texts have a history of been adapted to other media, especially because of the skilful way in which she deals with dialogue.

This unit is designed to give students opportunities to explore Pride & Prejudice from a dramatic point of view.

It terms of language, it focuses on how the author uses vocabulary to convey subtle meanings. Refer to the article ‘Jane Austen and the Art of Conversation’ for further discussion on this.

Level: Intermediate /B1 onwards

Time: approx. 55 minutes

Main aims:

  • To explore dialogues in the text of Pride & Prejudice
  • To help students to develop critical reading skills
  • To call students attention to possible relationships between text and performance

Subsidiary aims:

  • To motivate student to think creatively about a text
  • To provide opportunities to explore dialogues in Austen’s text

Plan components

The teacher notes, lesson plan and student worksheets are all available to download below.