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Places in Pride and Prejudice

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This lesson is designed to give students opportunities to get acquainted with the real places associated with Austen and also the fictional places in Pride & Prejudice.

It terms of language, it focuses on descriptive language for places, mainly opinion and factual adjectives and adjectives word order.

Level: Intermediate /B1 onwards

Time: approx. 55 minutes

Main aims:

  • To introduce the locations in Pride and Prejudice
  • To introduce/ review/ recycle language to describe places and landscapes

Subsidiary aims:

  • To help student to expand their vocabulary
  • To practise adjectives word order
  • To practise the pronunciation of names and individual sounds
  • To provide opportunities to explore aspects of Austen’s descriptive language.

Plan components:

The teacher notes, lesson plan and student worksheets are all available to download below.

In addition, you will also need:

  • Some pictures of the English countryside and villages (from the Internet or other sources)
  • If possible pictures of the houses used as location in the 2005 version of Pride & Prejudice
  • A large map of England or the UK – hardcopy or slide.