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The Pligrims Teacher Trainer Journal has recently relaunched with a new digital edition for summer 2021.

Phil Dexter, the new editor of the journal is very pleased to announce that the Pilgrims Teacher Trainer journal is back in publication again as a digital journal.

He says "It’s been a long time coming and I am honoured to be trusted as the new editor. Please find more information on our new website https://pilgrimsttj.com where you can access the journal, currently free for everyone. There is also a full archive going back to 2006 which is also currently free to access via the link to the journal." Future subscription information will follow soon. The team look forward to continued publication of the journal as a voice of the global teacher education community working with all the wonderful teacher educators across the world.

The Teacher Trainer Journal welcomes contributions for forthcoming issues and if anyone would like to submit a contribution please contact Phil directly: phil.dexter@pilgrimsttj.com

On the website you can find a guide for contributors. A style guide will be available soon.

See the latest edition of The Teacher Trainer Journal - Summer 2021


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