This is the British Council phonemic chart. Help your students hear the sounds of English by clicking on the symbols below. Click on the top right hand corner of each symbol to hear sample words including the sounds.

About the chart

  • Pure vowels are arranged the same way as in the IPA chart: according to mouth shape (left to right, lips wide / round - top to bottom, jaw closed / open).
  • Diphthongs are grouped in rows according to their second sound.

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Sounds Right iPad app
If you have an iPad, you can download and install a free copy of the British Council phonemic chart on it. Find out more on LearnEnglish.

Download the chart
You can download this chart to use on your PC - you'll need Adobe Flash Player to use it.

Copyright information: © British Council. This pronunciation chart is free for you to use and share for educational purposes. The chart should in no way be used or circulated for financial gain.





Thanks for your comment - I will pass it on to the technical team.

Best wishes,
TE Team


the gven phonemic chart which i have just quite a good technological invention to learn and teach sounds of English language. However, i will very humbly point out that it is missing one diphthong--combination of "oo" and "schwa" sound as in words "poor" and "dual"...which will also make it a total of 20 vowel phoneme sounds in English language.
please add it too...a humble invocation.

best regards
Sadaf Fatima


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