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Peer observation panel discussion

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This discussion between Huma Riaz and Anastasia Nikulenko explores effective peer observation.

About the webinar

Taking place over 45 minutes, this discussion will see presentations from Huma Riaz and Anastasia Nikulenko and will lead into a participant-led discussion around the issues raised in each of the two talks.

Huma Riaz - Rethinking peer observation

This interactive workshop will introduce participants to an effective peer observation design, through which teachers and observers can work together and reflect on their teaching behaviour.

Anastasia Nikulenko

This talk will look at peer-observations as a key element in teacher education. It will cover how we choose the focus for observations, how we group the teachers and make the schedule for observation, and what we do as pre- and post-observation activities. 

About the speakers

Anastasia Nikulenko is the Senior Teacher at Foreign Language Training Center (ITMO University, Saint-Petersburg). She graduated from Vitebsk State University, Belarus in 2002 with a degree in teaching English and German. Besides her sixteen-year career in teaching foreign languages in different educational institutions in Belarus and Russia, she also worked as an Academic Operations Manager Assistant and a Director of Studies for international language center English First. The main professional interests are teachers' continuous development and different aspects of teaching languages.

Huma Riaz is an experienced, energetic and a passionate English teacher, trainer and materials writer with the knowledge, skills and understanding of a range of strategies needed to make teaching and learning successful. She’s keen to explore new avenues for growth to re-examine her views of learning, teaching, teacher training and education for refining her skills, and improving the quality of her work at large. She lives in India and works as an ELT Consultant for the British Council and Cambridge University Press. 

Watch a recording of the webinar below