Parents and young learners in English language teaching: global practices and issues in school - home contacts

This paper highlights the importance of school-home communications in supporting effective language learning.

Caroline Linse, Stephen van Vlack and Oscar Bladas 

This paper highlights a little-discussed global issue: the importance of school-home communications in supporting effective language learning by young learners. It draws on eight contrasting contexts: France, Mexico, Spain, Korea, Namibia, Japan, the Philippines and Bangladesh.

This publication is free to download in pdf format.


Submitted by Ephrem Palathingal on Mon, 02/15/2016 - 16:12


In India, English medium education crazed up...ever since the that the Common Wealth and global village, the world is going back. All have to be cognizant to learn English. Young parents when calling me to teach their kids, I ask them about their home language. ...Ask the parents to attend an orientation to home conversation migration. Kids and parents have to spend time 1:3 ratio and as time goes...say 3 months...I dropout the then, together they will have migrated to all available home resources.. a second language learning kit...newspaper a never miss tool.

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