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Other cultures

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One of the good things about migration is the opportunities it brings for learning about other cultures. In this speaking and discussion activity students will be able to share their views and knowledge of other cultures. The activity is based on themes from the British Council OPENCities project.

Download the interview questions and make enough copies so that every student can have one.


  • If you have some music(s) from a different culture, it might be nice to bring it in and play it to your students, and see if they know where the music is from. This can be your lead in to discussing other cultures. You can also use images from Flickriver. Just click on this link: You can download these images and print them for classroom use, or if you have a computer and projector in your classroom, open the link and start showing the students some of the images. Get their reactions and ask them if they know which countries the images come from and how they relate to culture.
  • Ask the students if they have ever experienced another culture, either through travel and holidays or knowing someone from another culture.
  • Tell the students that they are going to explore their views of other cultures. Hand out the interview sheets and put the students into pairs. Tell them to ask and answer the questions with their partner.
  • You may want to put students into new pairs once they have had the opportunity to discuss for a little while.
  • Be sure to monitor carefully and help with vocabulary. You may also want to check to be sure there are no strong disagreements among the students.
  • You might want to end the activity with a full class discussion.
  • Try to focus on any new vocabulary that has come up during the lesson.

If your students are really interested in discovering more about other cultures you could explore the eLanguages website at: and look for projects you and your students can get involved in.

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