Children’s laureate Michael Rosen has a way of presenting vexing questions in verse.  In ‘Orange Juice’ the voice of a youngster is heard wondering how to get revenge on the thief who keeps stealing the orange juice left on the doorstep each morning by the milkman.

How to use this BritLit kit

There are activities to use with the text, as well as a complete answer key. You can also print off the text of the poem. The recording of the poem here, by Alan Pulverness, is in four parts, although you can also download the entire recording in the Attachment box below.


Submitted by vaidyanath on Tue, 05/11/2010 - 05:40


Teaching a second language especially English becomes a insurmountable task because there is often no dialogue between those targetted and those imparting the language. Often those who teach English are hampered by their excessive pride in the superiority of their vernacular or the first language coupled with their lack of awareness of the idioms of English and lack of fluency in spoken English. We often forget language is inextricably linked with cutural forms and therefore the literature in the language which reflects its cultural mileau is a wonderful resource. However the methodology adopted cannot be so casual as with the methodology used with native speakers when teaching even story texts a more deliberate focus on structures will be needed and moreover teaching to read by phonemic alpbabet and similar sounding monosyllabic words in the beginning will help students assimilate the spelling sound pattern more quickly.

Submitted by romina popa on Thu, 12/16/2010 - 18:43


It's a very useful poem full of exercises related to everyday activities, speaking about delivery and compare the  English breakfast with the one they are used to , give answer to questions , describe pictures etc


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