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Online Storytelling: Engaging, Personal, Creative

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Watch a recording of this webinar with David Heathfield, looking at online storytelling.

About the webinar

This webinar offers you an immersive experience of Engaging, Personal, Creative Online Storytelling. You can find out how, as a storytelling teacher, you can engage your language learners intellectually, emotionally and imaginatively through playful and effective use of the webcam, through imaginative use of the interactive chat, through creative response activities adapted to online learning as well as by inviting them to post and share recordings of themselves telling stories. You can learn techniques for developing your students’ confidence and competence as online storytellers. Storytelling humanises the online learning experience in these challenging times of pandemic and change. The webinar focusus on telling tales from the world’s oral cultures and refer to how these folk tales can inspire students to share personal stories.

Recorded on 18 February 2021

Watch the recording below

Watch the recording on YouTube with subtitles

About the speaker

David Heathfield is a storyteller who tells tales and runs workshops in the UK and around the world. He runs online Creative and Engaging Storytelling for Teachers (CrEST) courses and has worked as an online storytelling teacher trainer internationally with the British Council, IATEFL and the Hands Up Project. He has done storytelling teacher training in Nepal, Brazil, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Austria, Slovakia, Turkey, Dubai and Libya. He also teaches English, writes about student creativity in language learning, is the author of the teacher resource and development books Storytelling With Our Students: Techniques for telling tales from around the world and Spontaneous Speaking: Drama Activities for Confidence and Fluency (both from DELTA Publishing). Find out more  and visit David's YouTube channel.  

David loves to create connections and build bridges across cultures and between people through storytelling. Visit his website.

Certificates and presentation slides

The presenter slides and an editable PDF certificate are available in the downloads section beneath the video of webinar recording.

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