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Use this lesson in face-to-face, online or hybrid teaching to discuss new things students have learned or done differently during Covid-19.

This lesson is designed to help primary children’s transition back to school in the English classroom, giving them opportunities to think about and share experiences from their time at home, and to establish a set of rules for the classroom where Covid-19 restrictions apply. The lesson is largely based around the popular game ‘Pictionary’, which helps learners reinforce vocabulary and understand new concepts in a visual way.

Aims (face-to-face teaching): 

  • To allow learners to reflect upon and share activities that they did during time spent at home
  • To help learners’ transition back to school
  • To establish class rules where Covid-19 restrictions are in place, and reflect upon what is done differently
  • To help learners develop vocabulary and understand concepts in a visual way
  • To encourage groupwork and collaboration

Aims (online teaching):

  • To provide learners with the opportunity to reflect upon ways of learning online (for school and for fun)
  • To help learners develop vocabulary and understand concepts in a visual way
  • To reflect upon the ‘etiquette’ or rules for a live online lesson, and how to use technology in a polite, responsible and effective way
  • To promote group work and collaboration skills

Age and level:

Primary students aged 8–11 years at CEFR level A2 and above


60 minutes


All the materials are available to download below. Please check the lesson notes for any additional materials required

Important: Please read

To support teachers during the Covid-19 pandemic, there are two versions of this lesson plan – one specifically for online lessons and one for face-to-face classrooms where physical distancing procedures are in place. 

Included in the teachers' notes, you will find the following:

  • Guidance and advice for what teachers need to know and do before and at the beginning of an online class. Please read the lesson instructions carefully before using them. They are for guidance only, and designed to be used with the most common online platforms. You may need to adapt the lesson to the format and online platform you are working with.
  • Guidance and advice on managing group and pair work activities in face-to-face classrooms with physical distancing protocols.

A combination of the lesson plan for online teaching and the lesson plan for face-to-face teaching can be used in 'hybrid' situations, where some students in the class are studying from home and others are physically in the classroom. Classroom material for online lessons is provided as a PowerPoint presentation and a PDF.

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