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New continuing professional development webinars

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The British Council is delighted to announce a new series of free webinars on various aspects of continuing professional development by experienced ELT consultants.


Teachers and Managers can watch a recording of last week's webinar:

Loraine Kennedy: Developing as a manager
In our January webinar, Loraine Kennedy will be discussing the topic of 'Developing as a manager'. This talk is for academic managers and school managers who are interested in focusing on their own professional development for a change. As busy managers, you spend so much time doing a thousand things every day that time passes by and you realise you have had no time to concentrate on your own cpd (continuing professional development) or career development. This talk will help you to get back on track. We will explore a range of learning and development ideas that will help you build cpd into your working life in a way that stimulates your motivation to learn and develop professionally, but in ways which needn’t become an extra burden.
Watch a recording of the webinar: Please click on the link below to watch a recording of the webinar.

And come along to our next webinar:

28th February 2013
Fiona Dunlop: Managing Your Teaching Staff – how to keep a staff motivated, challenged and developing professionally
11.30am UK time (check what time this is in your country)
Theme: In this session Fiona Dunlop will explore ways of identifying what motivates the teachers you manage and how to encourage them to take ownership of their CPD in a way that will benefit not only the teacher but the organisation too. The session will cover areas such as developmental observation techniques and focussed action research for teachers. Fiona will also make reference to the British Council CPD Framework and how this can be used to guide both teacher and academic manager.

For further information and details of future webinars go to:

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