This lesson plan for primary learners at CEFR level A2/B1 helps to develop learners’ knowledge of grammar. Learners will expand their ability to give advice and practise their pronunciation.

Deborah Bullock

This lesson uses a grammar chant to introduce and practise the grammar needed (‘should’/‘shouldn’t’) to offer advice, while focusing on natural pronunciation features of stress and rhythm. The learners have the opportunity to practise the forms in a fun and meaningful context, which they can then go on to use in a small-group activity using problem cards.


  • To introduce and practise ‘should’ and ‘shouldn’t’ for giving advice
  • To encourage learners to practise the natural pronunciation features of rhythm and stress
  • To increase learner–learner interaction 

Age group

CEFR level A2/B1

60 minutes

The lesson plan and worksheets can be downloaded in PDF format below.

Language level
Language Level: 
Primary level 2

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