Monthly lesson plan - A tour of London

This lesson plan for teachers of teenage students at level A2 practises vocabulary of famous places in London. Students listen to a recording and complete a speaking activity.

Monthly lesson plan


In this lesson students practise vocabulary of famous places in London, listen to a light-hearted recording of a guided tour on an open top bus in London, check their comprehension, and then do a speaking activity based on the listening.


Topic: A tour of London

Level: A2+

Time: 60 minutes approximately


  • To develop students’ listening skills
  • To develop students’ speaking skills
  • To build on students’ cultural knowledge


All the materials for this lesson plan can be downloaded below

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Submitted by Teacher_Beta on Sun, 10/13/2013 - 20:00


Hello, The plan is interesting but I haven't found the audio file either. Thanks, Teacher_Beta

I'm working on setting up a language exchange center in Israel and have come across some interesting research about the importance of cultural immersion in language acquisition. This seems like a great way to do it.

Submitted by Eman Ghanem on Wed, 10/16/2013 - 15:02


I do really thank you for providing such creative plans for our lessons , I do make use of them and students do respond positively.

Submitted by andrewna1 on Wed, 10/16/2013 - 18:44


Hi there, The link takes you to a video interface but there is no video or sound when you press play, either through your link or through the lesson plan. Any ideas anyone? Andrew

Submitted by vuhoangdzung on Sat, 10/19/2013 - 11:53


Thank you for your leson plan and all the materials. The topic is interesting and the audio is great. All will certainly be useful for my lesson in class.

Submitted by djameswatling on Thu, 10/24/2013 - 04:07


Some really good ideas and materials in this, Paul. It took a few brave students to be the conductors, but they were great in the end. I made my own question sheets for students to practice the listening. It gave them a chance to listen by themselves, and then answer as a group. I think it really helped them. Thanks for your effort!

Submitted by Khuraman Safarova on Mon, 02/17/2014 - 16:16


It is a very interesting and useful lesson plan. I think it will be more attractive and creative in my lesson. Thanks for this article

Submitted by jo.gwin on Fri, 05/23/2014 - 00:09


I would just like to say a BIG thank you to the creator of this resource! I teach High School students here in Japan and I have used the resource a number of times (making my own tweaks and changes to suit the level of my students) and everyone has completely loved it!! I added a cockney rhyming slang starter activity to the lesson plan for some of my students. It links in with the theme and encourages the students to look for rhyming patterns in words as well as adding some colour and flavour into lesson! Once again, thank you SO much. I can not recommend this resource enough!

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