Theme: Mobile phones
Lexical area: Phone language 
Cross curricular links: Social studies

This lesson is all about mobile phones. Students will review vocabulary related to mobiles, do a quiz to see how much they know about mobile phones, and practise using text language to send messages to each other. They will read some texts giving different views on mobile phones and highlighting some of the issues of mobile phone use. Students will then take part in an emergency phone call role play and finally work together to design the mobile phone of the future.

• To review vocabulary related to mobile phones
• To practise using text language
• To practise reading and writing skills
• To develop speaking skills

Age group: 12- adult

Level: B1 / B2

Time: 60 – 90 minutes

Materials: Mobile phones student worksheet and lesson plan

 Sally Trowbridge & Jo Budden


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I think mobiles are very useful. Sometimes we are glued to them but we can make calls, take pictures, listen to music, play games and chat online with friends. Having a mobile phone is very dangerous but when you know how to use it, you can do everything you want!

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