Mobile pedagogy for English language teaching: putting teacher wisdom at the heart of mobile learning

In this webinar, the presenters discuss how mobile technologies support active learner participation and look at the ways teachers can be guided to design language learning tasks to engage learners both in, and beyond the classroom.

About the webinar

How can mobile technologies support active learner participation? In which ways can teachers be guided to design language learning tasks to engage learners in, and beyond, the classroom.

Mobile-assisted language learning is not about transferring current teaching and learning materials and practices to mobile devices, but a complete reconceptualisation of learning activities. Our approach to mobile pedagogy for English language teaching is based on the long held belief that learners are active participants and communicators, taking responsibility for making and shaping their own learning. We discuss the ways in which mobile and digital technologies support this in ways that were either previously impossible or very time-consuming. This webinar explores the ways in which teachers can be guided by our framework to design language learning tasks to engage learners both in, and beyond the classroom. 

About the speakers

Agnes Kukulska-Hulme is Professor of Learning Technology and Communication in the Institute of Educational Technology (IET) at the Open University and Past-President of the International Association for Mobile Learning. She is on the editorial boards of the International Journal of Mobile and Blended Learning, ReCALL and SYSTEM, and co-editor of Mobile Learning: The Next Generation. Her current research focuses on technology-supported learning for migrants, intelligent personal assistants, and language learning in smart cities.

Lucy Norris is an independent international education consultant in the field of language teacher development and training, a visiting research fellow at the Institute of Educational Technology at The Open University, and author of English language course book materials for adults and younger learners. Her research and professional interests include teacher development and digital literacies, and the role of technologies in supporting learning and teaching. She tweets as @MobilePedagogy

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Watch the webinar recording below

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