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This (diagnostic) activity is designed to give students freer speaking practice in the form of mini-talks. The teacher then focuses on accuracy in the next day follow-up activity and feedback sheet.

Lucy Baylis

It follows a Test-Teach-Test logic.


  • Day 1: Student A chooses a topic and talks for 3 to 4 minutes - students B, C and D then ask questions about the content, the teacher notes down problematic language
  • Day 2: The teacher inputs all the lexical items and phrases problematic for the students and feeds in any new items that would improve the task.
  • Students re-tell their improved version to a new group and are at the end given an individual feedback sheet which focuses both on problematic as well as good use of language and pronunciation.


This activity is suitable for any type of class and any age - students like it and it is a chance for freer speaking practice that is also developmental.

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Intermediate: B1